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John Moores Painting First Prize 2023 - Light Industry

John Moores Painting Prize.jpg

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has so kindly messaged me either by email or text – congratulating me on winning
this year's John Moores Painting Prize. I'm delighted to have won and moved by the amazing response. Many thanks. Please accept my apologises if I haven't replied directly. Graham."

The Moores is without doubt the UK's pre-eminent painting competition – and exhibition. One of my ambitions, apart from painting the best paintings I possibly can, has always been to win the Moores. My career was effectively 'launched' when I first exhibited at the Moores in 1978.

Due to the breadth of media interest, exhibiting at the Moores* has played a significant part in establishing my reputation as a painter. This is important as I, like the vast majority of practicing painters, am not represented by a gallery or commercial interest.

I regard the history of the Moores as the most authoritative history of post war painting in the UK because the anonymous selection process has always relied upon the knowledge of painters and art world professionals. This is the key to its credibility and subsequent longevity.

*I have entered at least 16 times, been selected 10 times, shortlisted for the first prize 3 times and a selector once.

Light Industry rgb.jpg

"Light Industry" - 2023 John Moores Painting Prize Winning Painting

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