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Graham Crowley books for sale

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GRAHAM CROWLEY by Martin Holman

Large format, hardback, 124 pages with 23 illustrations and 61 colour plates.

Graham Crowley (b.1950) became a painter in the early 1970s out of conviction for the validity of painting, at a time when artists of the '1968 generation' were seeking to break the link with painting and its traditions.


This book is the first to review the achievement of a highly regarded contemporary artist.


Martin Holman's engaging text surveys the artist's entire career to date and is accompanied by colour reproductions of key works.

Hardback: £20 inc. P&P in UK. 

Sold Out


Studies in value and meaning

“I Don’t Like Art” is a collection of essays and interviews by Graham. Several of the texts are ‘artless’, in so much as they do not contain the word art. Graham considers the idea that to simply ‘like’ something in a critical context is banal.

“Beautifully written, irresistible and devastatingly clear.”  Professor Paul Greenhalgh, Director – Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

“The book is a terrific mix of the exemplary and the cogent.”  William Feaver, Painter and Writer

I Don’t Like Art is available in both hardback and paperback. 114 pages with 35 colour illustrations.


Hardback: numbered & signed edition of 200. 

£20 including P&P. Paperback: £10 including P&P. 

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